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Newhaven Docks
8 November 2014

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21 April 2018

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Marjolein on Jardin de Jallais
So colorful/cheerful are these lanterns

Ronnie 2¢ on Jardin de Jallais
Beautiful seasonal color . . seems so intense this year.

Wallace on Chamomile
Nice. Can you make this a designer wallpaper. Well done!

tataray on Chamomile
Superbe dans la simplicité.

grouser on Chamomile
A beautiful carpet of flowers, Have a good trip

Marjolein on Chamomile
This group of chamomile is wonderful to see.

Existence Artistique on Chamomile

Ronnie 2¢ on Chamomile
Chamomile is under research for its potential anti-anxiety properties .. a worrying thought.

tataray on Drill drill
Je découvre... magnifiques couleurs.

grouser on Drill drill
and there was me thinking it's clay ....

Existence Artistique on Drill drill
superbe ce rendu

Ronnie 2¢ on Drill drill
A powerful piece of kit there . .

omid on A Maize

Shaun on A Maize
Looking very good and fresh.

grouser on A Maize
another corny capture. a nice one

Existence Artistique on Maize
c'est une intéressante recherche

grouser on Maize
Ah a corny shot .....nice

mvdfotokraam on Gated Community
Wonderful framed and so bright air

grouser on Gated Community
Nice semi panoramic composition and lovely rich colour

Existence Artistique on Gated Community

Shaun on Gated Community
Excellent image. Pleased to hear that it is a wildlife haven.

Ronnie 2¢ on Gated Community
I like the presentation choice - it works !

Existence Artistique on OOOOH

Nina on OOOOH
superb photo!

Hiro on OOOOH
Aaaah !

Shaun on OOOOH
Might get a parking fine. Peggy Sue, has now joined Buddy.

mvdfotokraam on OOOOH
Wonderful such old car !

grouser on OOOOH
There's lovely

Nicou on Chatting with the neighbours
Comme il nous regarde ce jeunes quelle contre jour sueprbe. belle journée

grouser on Chatting with the neighbours
I would imagine the make a moo T point

Existence Artistique on Chatting with the neighbours
bien ces regards

Hiro on Chatting with the neighbours
Wow this is a nice memorial shot of them !

Shaun on Chatting with the neighbours
Looks like you had an audience. Nice shot of these fine looking calves.

Ronnie 2¢ on Chatting with the neighbours
What a lovely presence they have here !

tataray on Chatting with the neighbours
Meuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Joli petit troupeau profitant de la chaleur du soleil. Bonne journée.

tataray on Home in the Sun 2
j'ai repéré la même chose dans mon ciel hier. C'est superbe ces couleurs. Merci de ta ...

Nicou on Home in the Sun 2
Aussi beau que le post d'hier ce soleil en toile ces traces ce découpage sueprbe Belle soirée

Existence Artistique on Home in the Sun 2
belle étoile tracée

Hiro on Home in the Sun 2
interesting result

Dimitrios on Home in the Sun 2

beach on Home in the Sun 2
A very artistic sky

mvdfotokraam on Home in the Sun 2
Beautiful wind springs around the sun.

Shaun on Elaionas Refugee Camp 4
What a capture. There is no need to treat the camp like this. It costs nothing to keep the place clean and tidy. A ...

Nicou on Home in the Sun
Avion soleil trance étoiles quell vue génail. Belle journée

omid on Home in the Sun
wow! A M A Z I N G !

Existence Artistique on Home in the Sun

grouser on Home in the Sun
Well timed fall, but watch out for sensor burnout :)

Hiro on Home in the Sun
Great creation !

Ronnie 2¢ on Home in the Sun
Looks like they busy polluting the atmosphere up there, as usual. Glad you are ok !

Nicou on Elaionas Refugee Camp 4
Ce double mur avec ces barbelé et ces déchet quelle image touchante superbe amitié

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