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Existence Artistique on Igloo Builders 2010
beau igloo

Ruthiebear on Igloo Builders 2010
Photos can be such joyful reminders of those who have passed. This looks like a fun project.

Devi on Igloo Builders 2010
wwo...this looks great!!How much you must have toiled !!!! Sorry for the dog !!!!

Hiro on Igloo Builders 2010
very nice work

grouser on Igloo Builders 2010
I trust you spent the night in it :)

Ronnie 2¢ on Igloo Builders 2010
Wow . . what an achievement !

omid on Triumphal Arch
:) Amazing arch!

Existence Artistique on Triumphal Arch

Sam on Triumphal Arch
Great work indeed. Very well done. :)

grouser on Triumphal Arch
Very Gothic. Nice work though an igloo might have been more useful :)

Ruthiebear on Triumphal Arch
AN impressive snow sculpture!

Marjolein on Snow Balls
Really good winteratmosphere

Marjolein on Triumphal Arch
A very nice and great handsome achievement

Martine Libouton on Triumphal Arch
Bravo pour cette réalisation !!!!

Devi on Triumphal Arch
Wow great achievement Brockaly !!! You have built a framework for an igloo!!!!!!! Triumph indeed !!!!!

Hiro on Triumphal Arch
Great work !

Existence Artistique on Snow Balls

Devi on Snow Balls
Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful image !

Martine Libouton on Road Links to UK restored
magnifique cette carte postale !!5*

omid on Snow Balls
Lovely !!!!

Aubélia on Snow Balls
Very beautiful work.

Ronnie 2¢ on Snow Balls
Must say that looks very determined !

Devi on Road Links to UK restored
wonderful like a fairy tale :)

Existence Artistique on Road Links to UK restored

Ruthiebear on Road Links to UK restored
Love seeing the falling snow!

Marjolein on Road Links to UK restored
What a snow.....(here too)

grouser on Road Links to UK restored
provided your tiny hand is not frozen of course. Up to a foot deep in the drive here now and what a lovely day it is ...

Hiro on Road Links to UK restored
Excellent flush work !!

Aubélia on Road Links to UK restored

Le Krop on Road Links to UK restored
Superbe Xmas postcard en avance...

Ronnie 2¢ on Road Links to UK restored
A rare sprinkle of the stuff in London, too . .

omid on Road Links to UK restored
very nice shot! Lovely !!!

MEC on RoB cut off.
Wonderful image!!

Gérard Flayol on RoB cut off.
Still a government which did not know to make remain the summer!!!!

Ruthiebear on RoB cut off.
We had snow all day yesterday also. A lovely wintery view.

Devi on RoB cut off.
this is ever so beautiful !!!!Like in a fairy Tale :)))))))))))))))))))Wonder if the Seven Dwarfs live here !

grouser on RoB cut off.
I look out on a similar view. Batman is covered under a pile of snow and the only spot of colour is the gently flapping ...

Existence Artistique on RoB cut off.

Anna Cherer on Cloud Storage
Beautiful landscape and autumn colours

Anna Cherer on Hiver Here !
Excellent winter mood !

Anna Cherer on RoB cut off.
Beautiful composition ! Lovely atmosphere of winter scene !

omid on RoB cut off.
very nice shot! Lovely atmosphere!

omid on Hiver Here !
L O V E L Y !

Hiro on Hiver Here !
very nice mood

Chetan on C'est un cigar.

Mhelene on Hiver Here !
Superb capture of the snow ...Hope you keep staying in UE you and your Republic...

Ruthiebear on Hiver Here !
A clever wintery view

grouser on Hiver Here !
PS I am flying the flag

grouser on Hiver Here !
I have decided to remain myself . Perhaps we should join our territories up :)

Marjolein on Hiver Here !
Brrr.....good wintermood

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