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Ronnie 2¢ on Sweetness and light
What a charming moment this makes . . love the feeling of 'relationship' you have caught.

Hiro on Sweetness and light
Yeah, really sweet !!

Devi on Sweetness and light
wow...what a lovey image here !! Bravo Braockaly !!! The look..devotion in the eyes of the male ( I presume ) at his ...

Marjolein on Sweetness and light lovely

grouser on Sweetness and light
Coo what a sight

Elaine Hancock on Sweetness and light
A gorgeous image. Superb light and detail. I love it! 5*

omid on Sweetness and light
Lovely! Lovely!

Existence Artistique on Sweetness and light
bien ce duo

Marjolein on Ring Doves are back
Hallo... there

Hiro on Ring Doves are back
Oh, lovely eye !

Ronnie 2¢ on Ring Doves are back
A sweet image - like he is saying 'hello' !

omid on Ring Doves are back
such beautiful focus, colors & lights! Lovely bird.

Existence Artistique on Ring Doves are back

Dimitrios on Ring Doves are back
COOL frame

Marjolein on Yellowhammer wonderful

Devi on Yellowhammer
wonderful capture !

Hiro on Yellowhammer
I like its tiger color !

Ronnie 2¢ on Yellowhammer
A fine study - you did well here thru glass !

Kent on Yellowhammer
Very nice photo on a colorful bird

Alun on Cold Salad
That’s some view out the bathroom window, very nice

Alun on Yellowhammer
Cracking shot, and though double glazing.

Jean-Luc.M on Cold Salad
Amazing picture !

Devi on Yellowhammer
wow...a great capture !! Love those details :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ruthiebear on Yellowhammer
What a beauty! The bright color and lovely patterns are superb.

Le Krop on Hollow Way
Ahhhh ! Reminds me !!

Le Krop on Brown sheep in the field
Want to go in this place ! :-)

Le Krop on Trees from the window.
Une atmosphère très particulière, et qui me plait.

Le Krop on Emile and the snow
Onirique ! (What Emile ?)

Le Krop on Starlings II
Hitchcockien ... mais très beau !

grouser on Yellowhammer
I can see why you used the high ISO and shutter speed. Th little b*ggers move so fast :) The nikon seems to perform ...

Devi on Cold Salad
wow..fantastic image..Love these chubby animals.. have a nice weekend Bockaly :)

Existence Artistique on Cold Salad

grouser on Cold Salad
like fat woolly maggots :0 Is this the beast take 2?

Hiro on Cold Salad
Wonderful snow scene !

Marjolein on Cold Salad
What a view.....splendid

omid on Starlinggrad
:) Lovely!

Existence Artistique on Starlinggrad

Devi on Starlinggrad
Beautiful imge...Wish you could capture murmuration too :)))

Alun on Starlinggrad
Nice one, I bet they were chattering away as well

Ruthiebear on Starlinggrad
Love the title. A cold looking view, even with all of the birds.

Hiro on Starlinggrad
nice composition !

grouser on Starlinggrad
Ouch is right :)

Ronnie 2¢ on Starlinggrad
Full marks for the caption !

Alun on Talking Tree
Love the name of the image, nice one

Marjolein on Talking Tree
Well caught this 'talking tree' between the other trees; -0

grouser on Talking Tree
well masked mast

Ronnie 2¢ on Talking Tree
Wonderful interpretation !

Ruthiebear on Talking Tree
I guess they were trying to make it blend into the environment. Here they even put fake branches on them.

Existence Artistique on Talking Tree

Hiro on Talking Tree
Looks majestic !!

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